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How to Teach an Old House New Tricks (and on a budget too!)

Modernizing your home does not have to break your bank or cause loss of sleep. Check out these easy and cost-effective ways from HGTV and Buzzfeed to update your home before placing it on the market.


Get your brushes ready.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to update an outdated space. For walls, neutral colors are recommended for a bright and airy atmosphere.

Beyond your walls, painting also offers a fairly cost-effective alternative to actually replacing the outdated features inside your home. Faucet fixtures, kitchen or bathroom floor title, and outlet switches (to name a few) can all be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint.

Spiffy-up the finishings.

Sleek finishings can be a simple way to add modern flare to your home. Whether you make the move to new handles on your kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, or other elements in your home, these seemingly small details can have impact and catch a potential buyer’s eye.

Don’t forget to look up.

Say goodbye to those popcorn ceilings! Yes, it’s time. Updating your ceilings is easier than you think and will certainly make your home more appealing in today’s market.

In addition to the ceilings you can also consider updating the molding. This element undeniably adds charm and character. Depending on your style and budget, several shapes are available for molding. Research your options and determine if this would be a good fit for your home.

Style with simplicity.

For a clean, modern look, a minimalist approach is recommended. Incorporating sleek lines and contrasting colors into the style and design of your furniture and other furnishings may just be the modern boost that helps a potential buyer to visualize their own family in your home.

Not only is de-cluttering your furniture, picture frames, throw pillows, display trinkets, and other décor helpful in modernizing your home’s style, but this can also be useful as you try to thin-out your belongings ahead of your move to a new home.

While your home is on the market, incorporating modern elements certainly adds appeal and value. If done correctly, a little can go a long way. Consider the state of your home and what elements could use a modern boost.


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