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5 Details To Boost Your Home’s Thanksgiving Ambience

However you are celebrating Thanksgiving celebration this year, give your home a bit of seasonal ambience with the following tips:

#1 Candles

Use cranberries, acorns, or greenery to furnish the glass vases or platters around your candles. (Of course, be sure that your decorations do not create a fire hazard.)

#2 Mini pumpkins and decorative squash

Decorate using the classic autumn elements of pumpkins and decorative squash. This touch can work well as part of a centerpiece decoration, but also around other places in your home.

#3 Copper and brass accents

Especially in and around autumn florals, copper and brass accent piece create an eye-appealing pop of color on any display.

#4 Scents of your feast

Your Thanksgiving feast should be enjoyed not only by its taste and sight, but also by its scents. Let these delicious smells fill your home.

#5 Gratitude display

Create some sort of gratitude activity for you and anyone else who will be spending Thanksgiving in your home.

For example, you might provide paper leaf cut-outs and pen or marker for you and the others around your table to write out what you all are grateful for and then display these somewhere in your home.


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