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5 Phone Numbers All Homeowners Should Have

As a homeowner, you want to be as prepared as possible for your home's seasonal maintenance requirements and also unexpected circumstances that may arise.

To help you stay prepared, here are five contacts that we recommend that homeowners keep handy:

#1 A trusted neighbor or nearby friend/family member

For situations as simple as you are out of town and need someone to pick up your newspapers and mail or to water your flowers or some other similar task while you are away, a trusted neighbor can be a big help.

#2 Plumber

Stuff happens. For all of your pipe maintenance and installation needs, a plumber is the person for these kinds of jobs around your home.

#3 Electrician

Maybe you are renovating and in need of installation assistance for light fixtures, or maybe an emergency has arisen and you are in need of a repair to your electrical system -- For both of these situations and more, an electrician can help you find the right solution.

#4 Heat and air repair

For those moments when your heat happens to malfunction in the middle of winter as well as other less pressing situations, be sure to have the contact information for your HVAC repair company available.

#5 Doctor and vet

Home is where your family is - so take care of you and your family by keeping the phone numbers for your doctor and vet on hand and easily accesible.


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