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Treats Only: Avoid These 3 Home Sale Tricks

When selling your home, provide the homebuyer with as many treats as you can, and most importantly, avoid surprising potential buyers with these 3 tricks:

#1 Failure to disclose any property issues.

If there are negative items that a buyer should know about the home upfront, tell them. For example, if the home has experienced a history of flooding or if the furnace is on its last lap of life, disclose these kinds of issues to the potential buyer.

While you certainly do not need to advertise the downsides of your home, don't hide these items either.

#2 Skimp on the listing photos and video

Especially in today's highly digital world, home buyers oftentimes rely heavily on listing photos and videos to make decisions.

Show your home in its best light when listing it online and on any other platforms.

#3 Being inflexible when working with potential buyers.

If the buyer's request is within your power, and even if it's inconvenient, try your best to accommodate potential buyer needs.

For example, although a Sunday morning home showing may be highly inconvenient for you and your family's schedule, make it happen. You never know if this showing will seal the deal and make the home sale.


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