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What's your home worth?

Great question! You can get a pretty good idea at this link.

How can I make my move as easy as possible?

There are a handful of tips that will help you through the process, you can find them here.

Is there anyone that can help me move?

Of course! Budget and U-Haul are great with helping out. If you're looking for a place that's 'move' specific, check out Two Men & A Truck.

What documents are part of the mortgage process?

Thinking ahead, very smart. Here's a great list that will show you exactly what you'll need when you decide to apply for a home loan.

Is there anything I should do before closing on a house?

Yes, there is. A few things, actually! Here are 11 things you should be sure to do before closing.

How should I prepare for a home showing?

Glad you asked! There are definitely steps you can take to make sure your home is seen at it's best. Here is a good summary.

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