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How to Stage a Bonus Room

Whether you and your family have referred to it as the game room, the play room, the study, the lounge, or whatever else, appropriately staging the bonus room in your home can go a long way in appealing to potential buyers.


What constitutes a bonus room? This is really any finished space in your home that can be utilized for multiple purposes (thus, we often describe to these spaces as “multi-purpose”). Common locations for bonus rooms include attics, basements, mudrooms, and more.

So, the question becomes, how can you arrange your bonus room in a way that potential buyers will see the added value in this space? Check out these tips from to learn how to showcase the potential in your home’s bonus room:

Narrow your focus.

Although a multi-purpose room can be just that – sufficient for multiple purposes – when staging this room for potential buyers, it is best to narrow in on just one or two of these purposes. You want to make sure your focus is not too broad. Otherwise, it will likely be challenging for the potential buyer to imagine this space as being able to house whatever might be suitable for his/her home needs.

On the other hand, do not overly customize your space. This opposite extreme will likely provide a similar challenge for potential buyers. Find a balance between generic and custom furnishings.

Consider the “type” of individuals who will be touring your home.

Ask yourself what the majority of these people may be looking for in a bonus room. Perhaps your home is nestled in an area with many young families, in which case you may want to stage your bonus room as a play room for the kids. Or, perhaps your neighborhood tends to attract young people or couples, in which case you could consider staging this bonus space as a stylish lounge or bar.

Whatever “types” of people your neighborhood and home are likely to attract, imagine what these individuals may want to see in a bonus room.

Show potential buyers how to see the glass as half full.

In the case of some bonus rooms, the space is not always perfectly shaped or sized. Do not let this fact scare buyers away. Rather, bring out the possibilities of the space. For example, just because a room might be tucked beneath stairs or contain an unconventional shape, this does not mean that the bonus space is not valuable. Show buyers why and how this space is valuable.


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