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7 Spots to Add to Your Home's Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whether you are buying or selling this season, a good spring cleaning can work wonders in your home. So, where to begin? Check out the list below!


A squeaky-clean and organized home can be healthy for any home, regardless if it's on the market or not. Here are some spots (from HGTVand Good Housekeeping) to consider to add to your 2019 spring cleaning:

1. Dust the blades of your ceiling fans.

Don’t have the proper duster? Try using an old pillowcase. This will capture any dust from falling on the furniture below.

2. Remove the film build-up on your window screens.

You can detach, hose down, and dry-off the screens. Using a scrap of carpet is another effective way to clean screen because of the coarse brush it provides.

3. Wipe down baseboards and window sills.

It’s amazing the grim that can collect in these nooks and crannies! A simple damp cloth should do the trick in the spots.

4. Wash out garbage cans and recycling bins.

There is no amount of Febreeze that can mask the stench of rotting banana peels, so thoroughly cleaning out your trash cans and recycling bins is a must.

5. Give your kitchen appliances a good wash.

That’s right– microwave, refrigerator, oven, sink, coffee machine, etc.

6. Vacuum beneath your furniture cushions.

Before you start the vacuum, be sure to check out what has collected in these crannies...Who knows, there may even be some extra change stuck down there!

7. Don’t forget about the teddy bears, Legos, and Barbie Dolls!

Make sure to sanitize your kids toys and clean off the germs and grim that's collected on these surfaces.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all the spaces to consider for your home's spring cleaning–merely a starting point. Regardless of whether your home is currently on the market or not, a thorough spring cleaning is valuable for any homeowner or resident.


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