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4 Tips for Mowing a Healthy Lawn All Summer Long

Whether your home is well-lived in, brand-new to you, or currently on the market, keeping a well-manicured lawn is an important aspect of owning and maintaining your home. As such, when and how you mow your lawn matters.

Check out these 4 tips from to help you keep your lawn healthy and looking pristine:

#1 Time of day and amount of moisture makes a difference.

Though it’s not a requirement, mowing your lawn in the morning is better for your grass. Plus, this will provide cooler temperatures for you as well.

It’s an absolute must that you mow your lawn when it’s dry. Mowing your lawn after a rain or after the sprinkler has watered your grass can damage your grass.

#2 Direct your mower this way.

Changing the directions with your mower, as opposed to mowing in a single direction, is healthier for your grass. By mowing this pattern change, coarse grass is easier to control and maintain. Also, this allows for an even surface for your lawn’s finished product.

#3 Not too short!

Although you might be tempted to cut your grass extremely short, so you will not have to mow as often, this is a major no-no. Generally speaking, to maintain the health of your grass, do not cut away any more than 1/3 of the grass blade height.

#4 Just because you’ve put away the mower, doesn’t mean you’re done.

So you’ve finished mowing, now it’s time to stow your mower and grab a nice glass of lemonade, right? Wrong—hold the lemonade (for now anyway).

Blow away excess grass clippings and trim the edges of your lawn.

Also make sure that your lawn care tools, like your mower, are well-maintained. Read the cleaning and care instructions for each of these tools and machines, so that you know how to keep your tools in good shape all summer long.


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