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How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

It's time to sell. Of course, you want to maximize the value of your home. And most of us have a small bathroom that we'd like to look a little bigger. But how?

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Over at Zillow Porchlight, they go into detail about 10 different ways you can accomplish this. Today, we are going to highlight the three ways I think are most important.

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Even if your walls and ceiling are light and bright, a dark floor will negate their effect and close the space in. Keep the flooring light to create a space with a bright and open flow.

It's all about making the bathroom seem as open as possible. The lighter the colors, the better. There are more ways to play into this, which we'll get into in the following pointers.


Install larger — and more — mirrors than you typically would in a bathroom. The reflected light will open your small space into one that feels more spacious.

This is true of any space that you want to appear larger. However, it's a little easier to pull off in the bathroom because, well, it's a bathroom. You will always have the mirror (or mirrors) above the sink(s). But you can expand on that and add a running mirror along a separate wall.

Light colored flooring and mirrors are a good start. Your small bathroom will already be looking larger. But there's one more addition that will help a ton.


Bring in as much light as possible. Light, bright rooms always feel more spacious than dark and drab ones.

  • Wall color. Paint the walls and ceiling the same light color to make the bathroom feel double its size. Multiple colors chop the room into different compartments, making it seem smaller.

  • Windows. If you have a window, use sheer window coverings to maximize the natural light.

  • Lighting. Install additional flush-mount wall or ceiling light fixtures to increase the light in the room.

All three of these tips kind of go together, don't they?

Play off of your light colored flooring with a light colored paint as well. You want it to pop and match well with the flooring, which can easily be done while keeping it all bright and open.

Windows and lighting play major factors as well. Not all bathrooms are able to have windows. However, if yours does, use it to your advantage! Natural light is a huge boost to a small bathroom.

If windows are not an option, have plenty of light. You want to show off all of those light colors anyway, right?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to read some of my reviews at this link. Hope to hear from you soon!


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