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Holiday Curb Appeal That Seals The Deal

While your collection of outdoor holiday trimmings may sparkle in your eyes, consider how your outdoor decorations might strike a potential buyer.


As Gardenista points out, use the winter weather as an opportunity to make your house shine. Utilize your holiday and winter decor help potential buyers to envision their own families enjoying the holiday season in this home.

Don’t let your home appear phased by the gray skies and leafless trees of the winter months. Turn on those lights and illuminate the imagination of your potential buyer. Let the winter white be a canvas and use some pops of color to draw in potential buyers. lists a couple winter-proof plants or even potted seasonal displays that just might be the perfect fit for your home.

Keep in mind that the bare trees offer a clear view of your home. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or newly washed windows can go a long way to present a crisp appearance.

Speaking of simple, let’s talk holiday décor. If you usually haul out the giant inflatable Santa Claus, HGTV recommends opting for more simple holiday trimmings, such as a wreath on the front door and white lights around the trees or bushes. You want your holiday décor to highlight your home’s beauty and potential. While that inflatable Santa Claus might grab attention, showy decor such as this is likely to distract potential buyers from your home’s charm. Let your home be the focal point.

Finally, nothing says “Welcome Home” like a walkway that doubles as an ice skating rink, right? Wrong! Make sure potential buyers are not tip-toeing their way to your front door. Keep your driveway and walkways salted and free of ice.

You know your home’s holiday potential - let your holiday curb appeal choices show potential buyers what their family’s next holiday season could look like.


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