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What Kind Of Bonus Space Do I Need In My New Home?

Especially during these days in which we likely find ourselves at home more often, bonus rooms and other extra spaces in your home may take on particularly important and perhaps specific uses.

Maybe you need bonus space in your home for an extended office, a study room for your kids, or something else entirely.

Whatever your need for the bonus space, here are a few things to consider when choosing a home with bonus space that suits your needs: #1 Bonus space does not always appear in the form of a separate room.

While it’s often most convenient if your home’s bonus space is set off into its own separate room, sometimes you can find extra space within sections of a room, a loft, or even in a large walk-in closet in some cases.

#2 Renovate to create the space you need.

Have you found the perfect home according to all other desires, except the bonus space? Is there any area of the home that can be transformed into the bonus space you need? If it is feasible to do so, renovate and create the bonus space you need.

#3 Be creative about bonus space in your home.

Can the space be arranged and furnished with items that can transition to fit more than one need. For example, could you add a Murphy Bed to the office? Or, could you choose a desk that expands and contracts as needed?


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