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Shine On: How to Stage Your Home With Proper Lighting

Natural light is often near the top of home-buyers’ “want” lists, but not all homes are built to offer this feature. Regardless of the presence of natural light, adding the appropriate lighting to the interior of your home can significantly increase the value of your home in the eyes of a potential buyer.


The question is: How can one use lighting to stage a home? On this blog, we have already discussed how adding light to the exterior of your home, especially during the dark days of winter, can draw potential buyers into your front door. Now, we will take a look at how adding just the right lighting on the interior of your home is critical to a well-staged home.

U.S. News & World Report offers several suggestions to present your home in its best light, using light, including:

Various types of electric light fixtures can illuminate even the darkest of corners. The most obvious of these types is overhead lighting. Adding this illumination to the ceiling above can ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is bright. Furthermore, this lighting should be centered, so that the light can spread equally across the room.

If you are unable to add ceiling fixtures (perhaps for budgetary purposes) or if you already have ceiling fixtures, you can make use of other types of lighting. Fixtures, such as chandeliers and pendant lighting, often add pizazz and create a focal point for the room. However, be sure that this type of lighting matches the style of your home. As gorgeous as a glitzy chandelier may appear at the hardware store display, be mindful of your home’s style. You want the light fixtures in your home to add to and not detract from your home’s beauty.

The same rule applies for table and floor lamps– style is key here. That being said, done in the appropriate style, these fixtures can be a budget-conscious way to modernize areas of your home. In addition to staying mindful of style, also be sure the lamps appear proportional to the space they occupy.

And, placement matters as well, especially when it comes to avoiding the appearance of cords all about the floor. (Hint: Rather, than use an extension cord, consider how you might shift positioning of the lamp or furniture altogether to avoid this eyesore.)

What about that cord-less, battery-less light that we all crave? That’s right– how can you bring natural sunshine into your home?

Of course, there is the option of adding windows (such as a skylight) and doors (like a sliding door). However, this is an expensive job, and is not always the appropriate move for every floorplan.

Still though, there are several ways to let the rays into your home, without knocking down walls. Replacing a solid door with one that has a window is one way to achieve this. In particular, adding this to entryway doors can be effective.

Also, window treatments play a large role in how much sunshine enters the home. Heavier fabrics and dark-colored treatments often block the sunlight, whereas lighter, even sheer curtains or shades provide a decorative gateway for the sunshine. Nevertheless, regarding window treatments, one thing is an absolute must: Keep curtains open during every home showing.

Whether it’s by way of natural sunshine or electric fixtures, incorporating the appropriate lighting into your home’s interior adds considerable value in the eyes of a potential buyer. When light bounces off the spaces of room, this creates an illusion, making the area appear larger. Creating a bright atmosphere will help your potential buyers feel welcome and, hopefully, right at home.


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