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Preparing to Downsize In 3 Easy Steps

So, you have decided it’s time to downsize. While the emerging minimalist inside of you is jumping for joy, your persistent inner-perfectionist might be demanding a plan of action (and now). There is no question, downsizing will take some preparation.

Check out these three tips from HGTV to help you plan for this exciting new phase of your life:

#1 Dream up and determine your needs.

What lifestyle do you and your family envision in this new phase of life? Will you move to a smaller single-family home, or perhaps a condominium? And where? Will you be staying in your local community? Or moving across the country?

After these basics are established, move on to other important questions, such as:

When is the best time for this move? What is a realistic timeline? Will your new place have space for your collection of comfy couches and chairs? Or will you need to simplify with a sleek look?

Dreaming up your ideal downsize and determining a realistic plan of action, is key to your success. Among other items, doing so will help you to decide which of your things will stay and which of them will go.

#2 Allow your inner minimalist to shine.

Now that you have decided what your downsize will look like (i.e. size, location, timeline, etc.), it’s time to pitch and purge. (Cue your inner minimalist.)

To get rid of the stuff you will not need, there are a few different options: You could sell your stuff, perhaps online or by hosting a yard sale. You could donate furniture to friends or to your local Goodwill store.

Also, given your lifestyle needs, you might decide to rent storage space for seasonal items or memorabilia.

In reality, most people and families go with a mixed-approach: selling and donating some items and storing others. You might solicit the help of a local moving or storage company to help you accomplish the heavy-lifting aspects of this process.

#3 Live the less-is-more lifestyle.

Since you have decided to embark on the less-is-more lifestyle, be realistic about your furniture and décor.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces can come in handy here. For example, you might choose ottomans with built-in storage space for those comfy blankets or throw-pillows.

Also, while less may be more, keep in mind this other mantra: quality over quantity.

That’s right—quality. Just because you are downsizing and precisely because you are downsizing, do not skimp on the quality of your furniture and décor pieces. Select the items that will serve you and your family in this new lifestyle.


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