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Making Room For The Move

No matter the season, a good "spring cleaning" will do wonders (for you and your home). Whether your home is still on the market, or if you are currently planning for a move, make room and declutter.


U.S. News & World Report outlines three reasons to consider decluttering your home while it’s on the market:

1) Your home has probably accumulated more than you think.

As much as you may regularly purge and reorganize the things in your home, if you have lived in your home for a few years, you will likely still need to reduce the items in your home prior to your move.

Especially if your home is on the market, presenting an organized and decluttered home is an excellent way to showcase your home’s potential. Help potential buyers envision their own families in your home with a tidy, organized canvas.

It may help to first tackle the clutter that’s detected at first glance (i.e. loose décor, boxes, toys, etc.). Then, move on to items tucked away in drawers, closets, and cabinets.

2) Moving less, will cost less (money and stress).

Whether you will be hiring a company to move your things, renting a large truck, or driving your own pickup truck, prepare for success. Before the packing and loading can begin, it is essential to organize and eliminate any unneeded items.

Consider donating items to organizations (such as the Salvation Army and Purple Heart) that will pick up these items right at your door. Other professionals provide recycling and junk removal services. Check out groups in your area that could help to make your move organized and efficient.

3) Remember that tidy, organized canvas? It can maximize your profit.

Decluttering your home not only benefits your own move, but also boosts chances that buyers will fall in love and make an offer.

Buyers are looking for homes that will suit their lifestyle, not yours.

In general, neutral décor often works best. Be sure to place and choose furniture that helps the room look larger and does not block pathways. And don’t forget about closets, pantries, and cabinets. Be sure these areas are organized and as a sparse as possible, so that potential buyers can see how much space your home has to offer.

You might also consider removing family photos from around the house during tours—Remember, you want them to envision their family in this space, not yours.

The time and effort you spend decluttering your home can pay off big time. Planning for success in this way, will help you to enjoy the process!


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