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How To Re-Purpose Your Patio Like A Pro

Want to spruce up your patio for your summertime barbeques? Or maybe you are looking to sell your home? No matter your reason, here are ideas (from HGTV) for your patio refresh:

Why Not Give Paint A Shot?

Replacing material can be an expensive and time-consuming project. As an alternative to this, you might consider painting. Whether it’s the drab brick wall or the wooden patio floor boards, painting these for a fresh, clean look can create a big impact.

What about old furniture? Rather than purchase new furniture items, you might try refurbishing old furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

Before painting, be sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned first. Consult the care and cleaning instructions.

And as for color, this will depend on your desired design, as well as the surface itself. For example if it’s a brick wall that needs a fresh coat, while you could go with a classic neutral color, a bold pop of color might just be the spruce you are looking for.

Center The Space.

As you design your space, consider what aspect you want as the focal point of the space. You might choose a pop of color hung on a weather-proof mural, or perhaps a decorative piece on the center table, or maybe the cozy chimenea.

Decide what you will be using the space for and how the décor can reflect and support this utility. This will help you determine what you want your focal point to be.

Hello, Nature.

And of course– incorporate greenery and flowers into your patio design. Potted plants and flowers can help you celebrate the best of the season. When choosing plants and flowers for your patio, consider the appearance, as well as the upkeep required.

Consider The Elements.

Rain, wind, heat– your patio will likely face these natural elements this summer (not to mention the snow and freezing temperature of the winter). As you select supplies, furniture and other décor items for your patio, keep these elements in mind, so you can plan accordingly.


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