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How To Navigate A Virtual Open House As A Potential Buyer

Whether it’s distance or health reasons, virtual open houses have become common. If you are attending a virtual open house? Here are a few things to consider:

#1 Research ahead of time.

Before you attend the virtual open house, put in some time to research the home and the surrounding area.

It can even be helpful to have a quick list of the various features you discover on a print-out paper copy next to you while you attending the virtual event. Also, we recommend having a paper copy of the home’s floorplan with you, so that you can better understand the flow of the home during the virtual event.

Your agent can help you gather the information ahead of time. Consider researching items like a view of the floorplan, any “material defects” that the owners may have listed, a visual of the surrounding neighborhood, and more.

#2 Know how to access the event.

Confirm the day, time, and the platform on which the virtual open house will be hosted.

Some virtual open houses are hosted on Facebook Live or Zoom, but there are a myriad of other platforms that can be used to host this event.

Depending on the hosting site, you may need a login or access code, so confirm whether or not you need these details in order to view.

Take bit of time to test out the software and link. While you will likely not be able to see the actual home before the event's start time (since the virtual event is probably live), you can however check that your systems are good to go and operating properly.

#3 List any questions.

As you research the home, you will likely come up with some questions. And, as you consider your needs for a new home, this too will probably spark some questions. Before the virtual open house begins, write out these questions and keep them with you during the event.

Also, as the event is happening, write down any questions that arise in live time.

Similarly, list out any important features you notice and may want to remember and/or any noteworthy pieces of information that the selling agent mentions.

All of these lists and notes will be helpful when you speak with the selling agent after the open house and when you later consider whether or not you want to make an offer on the home.

#4 Get the answers you seek.

While you may likely have a chance to ask some questions during the virual event, following up afterward will help you get the answers you want.

Our team can help you navigate the virtual open house event! Contact us today.


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