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How To Make Buyers Fall For Your Home This Season

Did you know Fall is the second-best season for selling a home? That’s right. So, if your home is on the market, make use of the seasonal elements that can help make your home even more attractive to buyers.

Check out these 3 autumn home sale tips and tricks from The Balance:

#1 Curb Appeal

With the right accents, the gorgeous orange, red, and yellow shades on tree leaves can certainly make your home pop.

While buyers want to see the colorful leaves on the trees, they don’t want to see them strewn across your lawn and walkways. And, while you are pulling out the rake, be sure to attend to the other plants and shrubbery around your home. Cut back any overgrown elements, especially ones that get in the way of windows, walkways, doors, etc.

Also, consider adding potted autumn flowers. Mums are a popular choice, as well as a convenient one because these flowers tend to stay in bloom for long periods of time. Decorating the outside of your home with marigolds, pumpkins, and other squash offer a welcoming autumn look.

#2 Crisp, Fresh Air

This goes for inside your home. Check your furnace filter and change this if needed. Since you will likely need to turn on your heater at some point as the season lingers, be sure your HVAC system is clean and up-to-date.

And lest we forget that fall season provides us with delicious scents! Use this to your advantage. You might use cinnamon sticks in your kitchen or apple cider-scented plug-ins in various rooms around your home.

#3 Back To Those Gorgeous Fall Colors...

Bring autumnal accents inside to your home décor. You might use orange, red, and/or rich yellow accents pillows on your neutral-colored sofa. On your dining room or kitchen table create a centerpiece, perhaps with pine cones and nuts arranged around large orange candles.

There is a reason why these bold fall colors pop—the sun sets sooner and the days are become shorter. So, make sure to turn on the lights throughout your home.


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