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How To Cozy Up Your Home

Well, it's snowing.


Which means one thing, it's time to get cozy in your home!

Zillow PorchLight rattled off nine great tips to achieving this over at their blog. And while all nine are great tips, I wanted to highlight a couple of them that I thought were worth mentioning again here along with adding a few of my thoughts.

While this post won't have much to do with selling your home or buying a new one - it can help you make a new home purchase (Congrats!) feel more lived in almost immediately.

The Mood

Get those Christmas decorations up! It always feel more cozy when a Christmas tree is up and if you have a fireplace, even better. This also goes for putting out winter-themed candles, blankets, throw pillows and of course, the gifts around the tree. Get a warm drink in your hands and you'll be all set.

Stay Warm

Yes, you'll have the heat on. And some of you will enjoy your fireplace. But this is the time of year to pull out your favorite throws and blankets, or maybe even purchase a new holiday themed one. There's nothing like enjoying your new home while staying warm and spending time with loved ones.

It's A Party

And of course, invite some friends and family over! Even if you had a housewarming party, it's worth inviting people over again to get into the holiday spirit. You can even use this as an excuse to Christmas up your kitchen with hand towels and oven mitts while preparing cookies. It's a win-win.

Next post, we'll get back to looking at tips for you when you are selling or buying a new home. But for now, enjoy the upcoming holiday season!


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