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How To Best Showcase Your Home On Media

Photography and videography are undoubtedly an art. So, when placing your home on the market, take care to prepare your home for photos and video tours.

Here a few suggestions:

#1 Tidy up the space.

While this may seem obvious, cleaning up your space and clearing away clutter from the space both on the interior and exterior of your home is important for photos and videos.

Items like a freshly mowed lawn, sparkling windows, vacuumed carpets, and organized shelves go a long way for showcasing your home in the best light on media.

#2 Choose design and placement of your furniture carefully.

Select furniture and other design elements that demonstrate openness within the room. When possible, do not use overstuffed armchairs, flamboyant lamp shades, etc. that may make the room appear smaller.

Allow the potential buyer to envision themselves in the space.

#3 Clarity and quality count.

All photos and videos should have excellent film quality whenever possible.

Use a tripod, take multiple angle options, and be selective when deciding which photos and videos you select for potential buyers to see.

#4 Order matters.

The order in which you show your photos and video make a difference.

These images should be displayed in a manner that reveals the overall floorplan and organization of your home.


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