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How Much Storage Does My New Home Need?

If you plan to downsize, storage may be the last thing on your mind. However, for every move to a new home, it’s important to consider what storage requirements you will need in your next home.

Five categories to consider when determining the amount and type of storage your new home will needs to hold:


Whether you are a shoe hoarder with a pair of kicks for every occasion, or maybe your family has a fetish for woolen sweaters, or whatever else, make sure the bedroom closet spaces can accommodate these items.

Cosmetics and other bathroom items

Perhaps you are a makeup guru or maybe you find yourself obtaining the newest hair products every other month. If bathroom storage is a must for you, check to be sure that your new home has the proper shelving, drawer, or closet space.

Food stores

Do you have three growing teenage boys to feed? Or maybe you are the hostess-with-the-mostest? Whatever the reason, be sure your kitchen pantry can accommodate your food storage needs.

Something to consider here— If you have found the perfect home, but the pantry is not quite large enough for your family, consider how you might use other kitchen cabinets or build new shelving inside the pantry.

Decorations and collectibles

Are you the keeper of your extended family’s albums and memorabilia? Or perhaps your outdoor Christmas décor puts Time Square to shame?

Bottomline—If you have large amount of holiday and/or collectibles, be sure your future home can hold these items. Remember, items like this have a tendency to come in awkward or odd shapes and sizes.

Though the basement or garage commonly become the home for these types of items, determine what makes sense for your family’s decorations and collectibles.

Cars and other machines

Speaking of garages, what is your car and machine inventory like? Do you rebuild old cars or own a few dirt bikes, or maybe you have all the machines needed to keep a perfectly manicured lawn? If you will need multiple garages or outdoor storage shed, be sure to keep this top-of-mind when choosing a home.


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