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Holiday Cheer For Homebuyers And Sellers

While the holiday season can be difficult to navigate if your home is on the market or if you are recently settled into a new home, don’t let the season pass by without proper celebration.

Check out the following tips and tricks for celebrating the holiday season:

Hosting a holiday party.

For the new homeowner, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to show-off your new home to family and friends. No matter if it’s a small, intimate dinner party or a large, loud party complete with all the stops, hosting a party at your new home this holiday season can be an exciting way to celebrate the season and your new address.

In need of renovations to your new home? Depending on your home’s renovations needs and the potential timeline before your party, you might consider the party a helpful motivator to help you efficiently complete a renovation project.

If your home is on the market, you might be hesitant to host a party at your home, especially if you expect potential buyers will be touring your home this season. Don’t cancel the party—Possible alternative include: 1) hosting an off-site party, 2) co-host a party at a friend’s home, or 3) host a smaller-sized party.

Decorating with proper holiday trimmings.

Maybe your holiday décor is packed away in a storage unit or maybe you fear a mess as you work to stage your home for potential buyers. Whatever your hesitation, don’t let your upcoming home sale or a recent move diminish your holiday cheer.

Instead, you might try displaying less decorations than you typically do at this time of year. In fact, for those whose home is currently on the market, being selective with your holiday decorations is recommended. (i.e. Choose holiday decorations that will highlight the charm of your home to potential buyers.)

If you have recently moved into a new home and are not yet able to access your holiday decorations, perhaps have some fun with your kiddos and allow them to create homemade décor. Or, stop by the store and consider adding new décor to your holiday box of tricks.

If you typically set up a fake Christmas tree, you might just try using a real tree this year to break in your new home.

Take a vacation.

Has the thought of spending Christmas on a beach ever appealed to you? Well, if your home is on the market or if you are in the midst of a move, this could be the year to plan a holiday getaway.

In fact, a vacation is the perfect gift for a family or couple on the move, as it does not require boxes, wrapping paper, or storage space.


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