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Have You Checked The Basement Lately?

Whether you are buying, selling, or settled in your home, as a homeowner, staying ahead of any potential leaks in your basement is important.

And, leaks are not limited to the spring and summer. While the air is colder and dryer during the winter season, leaks to the basement can still occur. Snow and ice can build up and trickle into the basement.

Check out these 4 simple preventative measures from The Family Handyman that you as a homeowner can take to protect your home:

#1 Repair any cracks or holes to the foundation.

You will want to look around both the interior and exterior of your home. While you should check for these holes or cracks yourself, it may also be useful and put your mind at ease to call in a professional to assess your home’s foundation.

#2 Clear the gutters.

We have gutters for a reason, but if they are out of position or broken, the water and debris collecting inside your gutter can cause damage.

Check to ensure that the gutters around your home are in proper working condition.

Place all eaves, troughs, and downspouts at the proper distance from the foundation of your home. And, take note of the condition of your gutters. Make sure there are no leaks or other damages.

#3 Seal windows and unclog drains.

While the windows on the main and upper levels of your home may be properly sealed, don’t forget to confirm that basement windows are also properly sealed.

If left unattended, moisture from the ground (say melting snow and ice, for example) can drip through holes in the seals of basement windows.

Clogs in the drain also pose potential flooding risks. Make sure to clear all drains.

#4 Select the proper soil.

Not only is it important to take preventative measures inside your home, taking measures around the exterior of your home is just as important.

As such, be sure that your home’s foundation is properly padded with moisture-absorbent soil. Clay soil, for example, absorbs the moisture that tends to collect around the base of your home and, in doing so, works to prevent leaks to the interior.


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