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Did You Safety Check Your New Home?

While the home inspector may have cleared your recently purchased property, as a new homeowner, you will want complete your own safety test throughout the home.

As Allstate explains, there are several items to address for optimal home safety. Check the following spots in your new home:

#1 Locks

Do not forget to change the all of the locks on your new home.

As a newbie, you have no way of knowing if spare keys to your home exist and you surely do not want to run the risk of unannounced “visitors” entering your home.

#2 Electrical System

Get to know the electrical system in your new home. Locate the breaker box and be sure everyone who lives in the home knows its location.

In case of an emergency, you will want to know where this box is located and how to turn off the electrical circuit box.

#3 Pipes

Peruse the pipes and make sure they are in working condition. If you notice any signs of potential damage or risk, it would not hurt to call the plumber. The plumbing professional can inspect your pipes and correct any potential issues.

#4 Air Ducts and Filters

Clean out any dust or other debris lodged in or around the air ducts. Also, changing the air conditioning filter is a good idea because then you can monitor how long the filter is in use.

#5 Smoke Detectors

Testing the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors in your new home is an absolute must.

In fact, this test should be completed every month. And, it’s recommended that at least once every year you change the batteries of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


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