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Considering A Move To South Bend? See Cost Of Living Perks

Did you know that ranked South Bend as the city with the second lowest cost of living in the country? Yes, you read that correctly.

As compared to other cities with populations of 100,000 people or greater, South Bend, IN landed number two on the list for 2019. calculated this metric based on the cost of groceries, gas, services, and housing.

And the city that took the number one spot for this larger city category is only a couple hours southeast (Fort Wayne, IN).

Jeff Rea, South Bend Regional Chamber CEO, told WSBT22 earlier this year, “As companies are thinking about moving to one community to another they certainly want to know what costs are. A dollar in New York is worth how much in South Bend.”

With a median home value of $106,500, as compared to the national median of $184,700, South Bend can offer potential homebuyers significant value for their dollars.

In addition to low cost of living perks, the South Bend area offers a variety of excellent personal and professional advantages.

As Livability points out, South Bend is considered the cultural and economic center of Northern Indiana. Backed by a rich city history, South Bend is home to a host of educational institutions (including the University of Notre Dame) and noteworthy community programs and events.

In addition, the city of South Bend offers easily accessible travel routes (by car, train, and plane). So, stop on by to experience the charms of South Bend for yourself!


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