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Choosing The Right Address For You

Location often plays a significant role in prompting (or in some cases, requiring) a move. Whether you desire to reduce your commute time to the office, to the great outdoors, or to somewhere else, it’s important to identify the location priorities for your new home.


Choosing just the right address means something different for every person and family. Take a look at the checklist below to help you determine your location priorities:

1) What about commute? How close do I wish to be to work?

The average one-way commute time in the Unites States is 26.1 minutes. Okay, so, is this your preference? Do you wish for a shorter commute? Or would a little bit longer of a commute not faze you?

Depending on your mode of transportation, the morning commute can provide built-in time to get some additional work done or peruse that book you’ve been wanting to read for forever. For some, maintaining a significant length of distance between the office and home can be helpful in a psychological sense (i.e. work stays at the office and leisure is for home). What are your commuting preferences?

2) Kids? How close do I need to be to their school and extra-curricular activities?

Whether it’s soccer practice, violin lessons, or simply school every morning, parents often spend a significant amount of time taking their kids to and from various activities. What about you? Is this a factor to consider for the location of your family’s home?

3) What about shopping? Will I regularly need quick-access to a grocery store or other shops?

We have all been in this inconvenient pinch at some point in our lives: running low on coffee filters, toilet paper, medicine, etc. How does this factor affect you?

While some prefer to be just a quick drive or walk away from the local superstore, others prefer to be far from the “noise” and commercialization. Which do you and your family prefer?

4) Do I want to live nearby by family and/or friends? If so, how close?

Whether we are miles away or just steps apart, interaction with family and friends is a part (and joy!) of life. Living near family and friends often provides an easily accessible emotional support network (see for more pros and cons on this matter). Of course, each person has a proximity preference to family and friends. What’s yours?

5) How about a breath of fresh air?

Will proximity to nature sway your choice in home location? Some studies suggest that living in or nearby green space can help you live longer. What about you? Would you like to be “one with nature” at your new home? If so, what type of nature? Water, trees, or hiking trails? Maybe just your fenced-in veggie garden, or collection of potted plants?

6) Don't forget about play! How would I like to spend my free time?

If it's not a hike through nature, maybe it’s a weekly bowling league or a date night trying out new cuisine. How close would I like to be to these leisure activities?

Consider what the daily, weekly, and monthly schedule will look like at your new home. Ask yourself how close you desire to be to these regular activities. Identifying these location needs can help focus your search and, in turn, guide you to just the right address.


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