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4 Mover Hacks That Just Might Come In Handy

Moving homes often involves several logistics. Here are four tips from Updater that could make your move just a little bit more simple:

#1 Label sides of the boxes.

Though you might be tempted to write your label on the top of your box. It’s helpful to stack these vertically (similarly to how this might be arranged inside the moving truck), and then write the label on the side of the box.

This way you can easily see what is inside each box, without having to unstack. It might just save you a few minutes when you unpack.

#2 DIY handles for the win.

Your boxes are ready to your packed, you know how you plan to organize them, and now you need a way to be able to actually lift the boxes.

If your boxes do not have handles, simply create your own using a box-cutter. Using this tool cut an upside down triangle (sized to fit your hand). Remember, you will want your DIY handles to be symmetrical, so as to provide you with an easy-to-handle box.

#3 Leak-free is the goal.

When packing your toiletries, unscrew the bottle, place a piece of plastic-wrap over the top, and then screw the top back on the bottle. This extra safety measure might just save you from a spill while your stuff is in transit.

#4 Rubber bands to the rescue.

As you are move your things out of your old home and into your new one, rubber bands just might rescue you from hassle. There is nothing like a lock-out of your home to delay your move.

To prevent this, wrap the rubber band around the knob on one side of the door, criss-cross (into an “X” shape) over the inner-side locking piece, and then wrap the band around the knob on the other side of the door. This will prevent the door from locking as you move your things in and out of the house.


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